Hannes Schammann is a Junior Professor of Migration Policy at the University of Hildesheim. His research focuses on various aspects of migration policy in Germany, e.g. the role of (local) administration in refugee protection, or the ‘gap’ between public opinion and factual policies. Recently, he conducted a research project on lessons learned from academic programs for refugees in German universities. Further research interests include Islamic youth initiatives in Germany and Europe. Prior to his position in Hildesheim, Hannes gained extensive practical experience at the Robert Bosch Foundation, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), and the BAG EJSA (social work for young migrants). He still works closely with many actors in the field and is frequently consulted on migration issues by all federal levels. Hannes is a member of the German Migration Council (RfM) and of the Expert Commission on Refugee and Immigration Policy of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, amongst others. He studied in Passau and Concepción (Chile) and holds a PhD – with a study on “ethnic marketing” – and a diploma in “International Cultural and Business Studies” from the University of Passau.

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